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Lodge History

Places of Meeting of State College Lodge No. 700

  1. I.O.O.F. Hall, 230 East College Avenue, State College, Pennsylvania. January, 1920 - December, 1930.
  2. Nittany Realty Building, 108 West Beaver Avenue, State College, Pennsylvania. January, 1931 - June, 1941.
  3. The Cornerstone for the new Masonic Temple being built at 240 South Fraser Street, State College, Pennsylvania was laid on July 5, 1941.
  4. No. 268 Lodge Room, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, September 9, 1941 Stated Meeting.
  5. No. 537 Lodge Room, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, October 14, 1941 Stated Meeting.
  6. Masonic Temple, 240 South Fraser Street, State College, Pennsylvania. November 11, 1941 to present date.

Special Meetings That Have Occurred

October 9,1948

In the afternoon and evening, in Schwab Auditorium on the campus of The Pennsylvania State College, and with brother George H. Deike, R. W. G. M. present, Samuel K. Hostetter and James Milholland were made "Masons at Sight." The degrees were conferred by State College Lodge No. 700 officers; Brothers Ellwood B. Casell, W.M.; B. Eudell Ward, S.W.; and Charles M. Parsons, J.W. Other Grand Lodge Officers and guests attended the afternoon and evening meetings and the banquet at the Nittany Lion Inn. Brother Samuel K. Hostetter was admitted to State College Lodge No. 700 on April 12, 1949 and died on November 25, 1970.

May 1, 1954

Two busloads of masons traveled to Alexandria, Virginia for a meeting in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Building where each of three candidates received a degree. This trip was under the direction of John E. Miller, W.M.

March 1, 1965

Officers of State College Lodge No. 700 participated on a team from the 21st Masonic District, exemplifying the Fellow Craft Mason's degree at the Grand Lodge Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

September 27, 1966

A group of local Masons traveled to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania where a Master Mason's Degree was conferred in the Temple of the Masonic Homes.

Noteworthy Events for State College Lodge No. 700

May 14, 1920

Forty-two members of State College Lodge No. 700, visited Lafayette Lodge No. 199, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in appreciation for the assistance which Brother J. Harris Mussina, D. D. G. M., District No. 33, gave in effecting the establishment of State College Lodge. According to the records of Lafayette Lodge # 199 meeting of May 14, 1920, the following members from State College Lodge No. 700 were in attendance:

  • Frank M. Torrence*
  • William G. Murtorff*
  • John J. Snyder*
  • Jacob C. Snyder*
  • Clarence P. Sousley*
  • John T. Taylor*
  • George Glenn*
  • John J. Light
  • J. Fred Harvey
  • Paul B.Kapp
  • Harry B. Northrup*
  • HenryS. Illingworth*
  • Walter H. Wood*
  • William H. Tomhave
  • Earl B. Stavely*
  • Charles L. Kinsloe*
  • Albert Deal*
  • James G. Smith*
  • Harry H. Havner*
  • Andrew A. Borland*
  • Frederick P. Weaver*
  • Edwin A. Fessenden*
  • W. Harris Thompson*
  • Charles B. Steel
  • Harold B. Shattuck*
  • Charles E. Grovier
  • Frank P. Knoll*

*Warrant Members of State College Lodge No. 700

Written material from the 50th Anniversary Program indicates 42 members attended Lafayette Lodge. However, the above list only shows 27. The reason for the discrepancy is unknown.

October 20, 1920

Forty-four members of Lafayette Lodge No. 199, returned the visit and presented State College Lodge No. 700 with a donation of $91.00. The minutes of the State College Lodge No. 700 meeting of October 20, 1920 show the following members of Lafayette Lodge No. 199 were in attendance. These minutes were hand written by Brother George Glenn, Secretary, and the interpretation of his handwriting may be in error. A photocopy of the original minutes is provided below for comparative purposes.

  • John C. Kissell
  • David Low
  • William J. Krecht
  • Arthur F. Ralhlesng
  • Harvey P. Robb
  • Ray M. Callaptam
  • Heaton H. Fredericks
  • Russell J. Linn
  • Hugh Fleming
  • Franklin A. Shraat
  • Herbert P. Wise
  • J. Harris Mussina
  • Ward Tate
  • Carroll W. Keller
  • Cecil E. Wright
  • John R. O. Lampson
  • Morris F. Harter
  • Albert Teoleny
  • Robert L. Myers
  • Charles A. Shaffer
  • Morris Lester
  • Claster Arthur
  • Lisle Tate
  • Philip R. Rettenar
  • John E. Beltnia
  • Jacob W. Myers
  • Richard D. Jameson
  • John Douglas Crook
  • Harry S. Beltnia
  • Samuel W. Sigimosal
  • Simon Seid
  • Henry B. Otiray
  • Harvey J. S. Meicksel
  • George Ward Brown
  • John R. Stevenson
  • J. Harris Clark
  • Robert D. Myers
  • W. Bruce McCloskey
  • Robert F. Rice
  • J. Strum Lawry
  • Philip S. Kruft
  • Scott L. Ballmyer
  • Glenn M. Johnson
  • Frank K. Green
  • James W. Crook

Paul Boyd Kapp was the first member approved, Entered, Passed, and Raised in State College Lodge No. 700, F. & A. M.

Original Minutes Signatures Page 1 Original Minutes Signatures Page 2

October 30, 1921

Visit to Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, where the College Glee Club gave a concert and Brother John Martin Thomas, President, Pennsylvania State College, conducted a service.

May 21, 1929

Girls Varsity Quartet was taken to the Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania to entertain the Guests.

May 16, 1937

The Girls Varsity Quartet again visited the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown.

December 27, 1939

Ralph Dorn Hetzel, President of the Pennsylvania State College was made a Mason At Sight on December 27, 1939 by R. W. Grand Master Robert R. Lewis, in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, PA. He petitioned State College Lodge No. 700 on December 10, 1940. He died on October 3, 1947.

November 12, 1940

Brother William H. Brehm, R. W. G. M., and seven Members of Grand Lodge made an official visit; 143 Members were present at the meeting, and 176 attended the dinner at the Nittany Lion Inn.

April 14, 1942

The Flag Ceremony was inaugurated at the Stated meeting.

October 10, 1942

Open house for Masons and their wives was held at the Masonic Temple, 240 South Fraser Street.

June 8, 1943

Practice of calling off meetings during July and August was discontinued for the duration of World War II.

June 13, 1944

State College Lodge No. 700 was honored by Brother Scott S. Leiby, R. W. G. M., in an informal visitation to the 21st Masonic District.

October 9, 1948

Twenty-five year pins were presented to living Warrant Members and those who became members during 1920. (These presentations were gradually brought up to date until 1965, when Grand Lodge ordered the practice discontinued. The Grand Lodge later re-instituted this practice for all Pennsylvania lodges).

April 12, 1949

Brother Frank M. Torrence visited State College Lodge No. 700 as the newly appointed District Deputy Grand Master. Brother F. M. Torrence served as D. D. G. M. for the Masonic years 1949- 1954 inclusive.

November 5, 1951

Milton Stover Eisenhower, President of The Pennsylvania State University, was made a Mason at Sight in the presence of the R. W. G. M., William E. Yeager at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Brother Eisenhower was admitted to State College Lodge No. 700 on June 10,1952 Brother Eisenhower resigned on January 14, 1958.

September 27, 1958

A dinner at the Pine Grove Mills Grade School featured the "Dinner and Mortgage Burning Ceremony" held by the Masonic Temple Association.

March 1, 1965

Officers of State College Lodge No. 700 participated in the exemplification of the Fellow Craft Mason's. degree by a team from the 21st Masonic District at the Philadelphia School of Instruction.

February 6, 1969

Under the direction of Brother John M. Smouse, Regional Instructor, 50 Officers and Past Officers, representing the nine lodges in the 21st Masonic District, met to learn the changes in the Ritualistic Work.

May 13, 1969

Brother Hiram P. Ball, R. W. Deputy Grand Master, was received at an informal visitation on Past Master's Night.

October 14, 1969

First Stated meeting was held following alterations to Officer's Stations, installation of new carpeting and repainting of the Lodge Room.

January 21, 1970

A Special Meeting of State College Lodge No. 700, F. & A.M., for the purpose of commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the constituting of State College Lodge No. 700 and to receive Grand Lodge Officers was held in the Masonic Temple at 5:00 p.m. The meeting adjourned to the Nittany Lion Inn for a banquet at 6:30 p.m. Brother John L. McCain, R. W. Junior Grand Warden was the main speaker.

May 11, 1971

Brother Rochester B. Woodall, R. W. Senior Grand Warden, was the speaker at the Past Master's night when nine brethren were honored with fifty year Masonic Service Emblems.


The 1976 Bi-Centennial Program of the R. W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania January-Birth of a Nation February-Struggle for Freedom March-Our Constitution and its Masonic Heritage April -Ben Franklin May-Law and Order June-Our Masonic Presidents July-Independence Day Ceremonies - A National Birthday at a Table Lodge September-The Local Scene During our National Beginning October-Protecting our Way of Life - The Wars we have Waged November-Thanksgiving for Country and Fraternity December-In God We Trust


The lodge traveled to the George Washington Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia for the conferral of degrees.


The R.W. Grand Lodge Solomon II Program was conducted.


The lodge traveled to the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania for the conferral of degrees.


In September 1991, major repairs to the Masonic Temple were started. These repairs include coping cap replacement, repair of the bricks at the back of the building, replace the hot water heater, repairs to the roof, caulking of the roof area, repair of rear doors, insulation work, emergency lighting and other minor repairs. Members of State College Lodge No. 700 contributed time and approximately $7,200 to complete these repairs costing approximately $7,100. The repairs were completed in May, 1992.


Paving, curbing and painting of the parking area behind the Masonic Temple in 1993.

March 8, 1994

Charles Russell Philbrick, Past Master of Frank W. Thompson Lodge, Bedford, Massachusetts, was the first dual member elected to State College Lodge No. 700.

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