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Almoner's Fund CharityAlmoner's Fund

The purpose of the Almoner's Fund is to ensure that each lodge is able to help, aid, and assist Brethren within our Lodge that are suffering from dire financial hardship. It is anonymous; as per the Grand Master’s initiative, members of Lodge 700 seeking assistance should contact the Lodge Almoner, Brother Wayne PM, or the Worshipful Master. The District Deputy Grand Master, the Worshipful Master, and the Lodge Almoner will be the only Brethren aware of any assistance provided. I thank Brother Wayne PM for assuming this appointment.

However, it is important that all members be conscious that the Almoner's Fund is only as robust as our membership contributions. The Grand Master is mandating that the fund have $5 for every member in the lodge. This will be an annual requirement. Our Lodge will not require any member to donate to this fund. I hope that Brethren who on solid financial ground are able to come together in unanimity to fulfill the Grand Master’s requirement, and exceed it. The January Stated Meeting was a prime example of this; thanks to the generosity of members of our Lodge, we are already well on our way to meeting the essential funds. Since this Fund is only for members of our Lodge, the larger the fund, the more we will be able to assist Brethren from our Lodge.